A Day in the Life of…a MCL Resourcing Senior Healthcare Assistant

Posted on 07 Feb 2017

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Name: Carolyn Limmer
Job Title: Senior Health Care Assistant

How long have you been working in the healthcare industry?
I’ve been working for MCL Resourcing for almost a year now but I’ve been working in the healthcare industry for 28 years. I enjoy the flexibil¬ity and variety that my role at MCL Resourcing provides, I get to choose when and where I work which I find very refreshing. I work at various care and residential homes in and around Southport. I like to work night shifts as I find they give me a better work/life balance looking after my children.

What is a typical working day like for you?
My role as a Senior Care Assistant involves making sure the residents are safe and well cared for. I always make sure I am approachable for residents so they know I can help them if they have any issues or concerns. It’s all about making sure they are listened to and their needs are met. I find it is important to be patient and understand¬ing to deliver the best possible care. For me, a typical day is hard to describe as my role varies for each placement. I can be responsible for anything from 5 – 60 people so obviously this has a huge impact on my role. Regardless of where I am working and the number of residents , effi¬cient teamwork and conducting my work in a professional manner is vital. As I work night shifts, I am responsible for the wellbeing of the residents throughout the night, dealing with any incidents calmly and efficiently. If a res¬idents needs immediate medical attention I decide the best cause of action and then liaise with the manager on shift before acting on my decision. Following any incident, I will ensure all paperwork is completed so everyone is aware of any actions taken during the night.

What do you think are the main qualities need¬ed to do your job successful?
I think the most important qualities are to be caring, trustworthy, hard working, approachable and have a lot of empathy for the people you are taking care of.

What training have you undertaken since work¬ing for MCL Resourcing?
I had already achieved a Level 3 NVQ in health and so¬cial care along with certificates in management and team leading before starting at MCL Resourcing. Since work¬ing at MCL Resourcing I have completed several training courses and achieved certificates in medication as well as moving and handling and all core mandatory updates.

What do you enjoy most about your job?
I enjoy the variety of working in different healthcare es¬tablishments in the local area. This gives me great job satisfaction as no two days are ever the same and I am constantly meeting new people.

Please sum up your job using only three words
Flexibility, varied and sociable.

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